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What are the reasons behind the popularity of invoice discounting among retail investors?

Invoice discounting is becoming a popular short-term investment option due to its superior returns and advantages over more conventional options. It is easy for people to invest their money because the service is offered on Fintech platforms like Falcon Group.

However, it is crucial to comprehend what invoice discounting is before going on to how it helps retail investors. Finding out why people invest in on Fintech platforms is also crucial.

With the use of it, the company can get a loan by using its accounts receivable as security. Loans are made out against a specific portion of trade receivables. Due to the fact that firms can get the advance payment they are owed from clients by discounting invoices, this financing option is particularly efficient.

Attracting retail investors:

The risk of not receiving the money is one of the few hazards associated with invoice discounting. However, there is no problem with a payment default because numerous reliable invoice discounting platforms, like Falcon Group, offer this service. There are other additional business benefits, such as the option for investors to pay entirely or partially. In order to determine how much risk a borrower carries, they can also perform the platform's risk analysis.


Mention below are some of the reasons why invoice discounting become popular among retail investors:

Short-term maturity: Investing just takes 30 to 90 days, however other investments take time to pay off. Upon the expiration of the term, investors receive their entire investment plus sizable profits.

Verified vendors and enterprises: On supply chain financing platforms, only businesses and vendors with a solid track record are allowed to trade. Platforms also perform the essential checks and correct verification for this reason.

High returns: As it often generates returns that are between 12 and 20 percent above the market, it has been regarded as a high-return investment in India. This yield exceeds that of investments in RDs (Recurring Deposits) and FDs (Fixed Deposits) by a wide margin.

Integration of technology: Investors can take advantage of the seamless integration of technology in the investment process by using high-tech invoice discounting platforms apps like Falcon Group. Investors may now view the status of their investments in real-time, take a snapshot of their portfolio, and even browse current media transactions.


Falcon is one of the top peer-to-peer invoice discounting platforms in India linking investors with Fortune 500 firms. By developing a one-stop shop for all borrowers and investors with a variety of profiles and needs who may have access without any risk. For more information, feel free to contact Falcon Group.