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Why is Falcon Invoice Discounting the best platform for short-term Investment?

This article helps you know why Falcon Invoice Discounting is the best platform for short-term Investment:

Falcon is a peer-to-peer invoice discounting platform where it connects blue chip companies with investors. Its primary objective is to revolutionize the investment industry by creating a single-stop shop for all investors and borrowers with different types of profiles and requires who can have access with no risk in place. Unlike banks and other financial institutions, it increases investors' yields by eliminating the necessity for mediators such as depository institutions and commercial banks.

Benefits of Invoice Discounting:

Here are some of the benefits of investing in Falcon:

  • The investors can earn upto 12 to 22% annually.
  • The investment cycle is just 30 to 150 days.
  • The minimum Investment is INR 50,000/-
  • There is no financial risk.
  • Investors can get monthly returns without hidden charges.

Why choose Falcon over traditional factoring?

  • It has a good auction process that helps in reducing costs.
  • Investors can finance up to 90% of the invoice value.
  • It is a fully automated and quick invoice discounting platform, including an e-invoicing capability.
  • There is no need to pay any collateral or hidden charges.
  • It is secured against the debtor who is responsible for the invoice.
  • Individual debtors and payment history determine all the advanced cash.

A simple procedure to short-term invest company invoices:

  • Register: You have to upload the Aadhar and Pan cards for document verification.
  • Do short-term Investment: It reviews the short-term investment invoices and fixes the interest rate according to it. Furthermore, it makes investment decisions online.
  • Sign agreement: You have to sign the service level agreement and have access to high-return investment opportunities.
  • Payment to the investor: Redeem returns up to 22% in advance and directly to your bank account.


With Falcon Invoice Discounting, you can lend money to borrowers and receive fixed returns on an interest rate that has been mutually agreed upon. This rate can be as high as 21% for a period ranging from one month to four months. For more information about safe Investment with high returns 2023 and high profit investment ideas, contact Falcon.